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You can now obtain legal services in North Carolina and South Carolina through your local attorneys at Montgomery and Hart, PLLC.

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Experience When it Matters Most.

At Montgomery and Hart, we take the time to get to know our clients personally. We want to know your goals and visions as they relate to your family and the protection of your legacy. We come equipped with practical advice, legal knowledge, and a common-sense approach.

Some Of Our Practice Areas

Couple is divorced who handed their engagement ring to the divorce documents

We will provide legal counsel and representation to clients in all aspects of family law. With our knowledge of the law, we can guide you through the entire process.

Child Custody: 9 Things That Might Influence It
Child Custody

A child custody lawyer knows the factors a court considers most important when the parents decide custody.

Sad boy
Child Support

Taking care of your child is your number one priority, and you may need an attorney to guide you through the process of making sure that your child is appropriately cared for.

Siren light on roof of police car
Traffic Tickets

Are you attempting to fight this on your own but aren’t sure where to begin? Legal mistakes can hinder your future and increase your fines and costs if you don’t get the professional help you need.

female driver looking at cars after car accident on road
Automobile Accidents

You might be entitled to compensation for your injuries and emotional distress following a car accident. Contact an experienced car accident attorney today to learn more about personal injury and recovery options

Rehabilitation of people after serious physical accident injury
Personal Injury

Let our attorneys protect your rights and fight for compensation for your damages. As you focus on recovering, we will take legal action to hold the liable party accountable.